Skylark Mastering is a boutique mastering studio located in Guelph, Ontario. With a select range of tools, we will bring out the best in any audio recording.


The mastering process is essential to home-studio recordings and big-budget productions alike.

In the transparent monitoring environment of the studio, the mastering engineer gives a fresh take on what is necessary to clarify, enhance and unify the project. By processing sound through a select signal chain, mastering brings out detail, adds thickness and sweetness to the sound and generally brings a finished quality to the recording.

Tracks are sequenced properly, complete with crossfades, markers and IRSC codes. A error-free "master disk" is created, ready for replication, duplication or any digital format (itunes, MP3 etc.)

  • Custom PMC AB1 Mastering Monitors
  • AVAtones cube monitors
  • Dangerous Music D-Box
  • Lynx Converters
  • Studer 807 15ips 1/4 inch playback
  • Studer B67 15ips 1/4 record/playback
  • Millennia NSEQ Mastering Equalizer
  • Pendulum Mastering Compressor
  • API 2500 Bus Compressor
  • Plextor 802 CD writer with Plextools
  • Canare cables
  • Fresh Open Ears

Skylark can work with all digital formats (WAV. AIFF. DAT etc.) as well as 1/4 inch 15ips tape. Originals can be delivered to the studio or they may be sent by FTP using our YouSendIt account (please email for details).

We would be pleased to produce a short mastered sample of your work to show you the difference Skylark Mastering can make. We master anything from individual songs, to full albums, to archival and restoration work.


For quotes, bookings and questions, please email